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Donne nella scienza per Esof 2020

Women in Science for ESOF 2020

31 August 2020
Donne nella scienza per Esof 2020
Science and technology, the words of 12 women protagonists of research and innovation to be inspired, within Esof 2020. In the context of ESOF 2020 Trieste ( Euro Science Open Forum ), Casa Internazionale delle Donne - Trieste , together with the Association Womentech - Women&Technologies , Didael KTS , Gruppo Pragma and Insiel SpA , has conceived a comprehensive and articulated project consisting of multiple initiatives, aimed at promoting the growth of female presence in the scientific and technological field and contributing to reducing the gender gap. As part of this project, included in the Science In The City Festival Trieste, on Monday, August 31 at the Revoltella Museum, 12 protagonists of science and technology will share their experience gained in research laboratories, scientific institutions, as well as in high-tech companies and start-ups. An opportunity open to the public to listen and be inspired, a moment to reflect on the complex relationship between women, science, and technology. The event is free of charge, with mandatory registration , organized in full compliance with health and physical distancing rules.


In the meeting, moderated by the science journalist Simona Regina, the following will participate:

  • Raffaella Geometrante , General Manager of KYMA SpA
  • Lucia Gardossi, University of Trieste
  • Francesca Cosmi, Alessandra Nicolosi , Alessandra Nicolosi, CEO M2TEST
  • Sabina Passamonti , University of Trieste
  • Barbara Fantechi , SISSA
  • Anna Gregorio, National Institute of Nuclear Physics
  • Chiara Volpato , University of Milan, Bicocca
  • Paola Rodari, SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies
  • Roberta Nunin , Gender Equality Councillor of Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Serena Tonel , Councillor for Economic Activities and ESOF, Municipality of Trieste
COLLABORATIONS AND SPONSORSHIPS The event is organized in collaboration with INSIEL, with the sponsorship and support of the Regional Councilor for Gender Equality - Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Trieste. THE WOMEN IN SCIENCE PROJECT FOR ESOF 2020
Women in Science was established in 2012 thanks to co-financing from the Ministry of Education, University and Research, from an idea by Gianna Martinengo and Laura Moschini. On the occasion of ESOF, the project has expanded and enriched, with 10 new interviews with scientists from the Trieste area visible on the web portal, and has also included other initiatives: in addition to the talk event, a survey on the perception of gender balance in science and technology, and the Mini Maker Faire "Not just coding. STEM path experiences in schools." During the talk event on August 31, the results of the ongoing survey will be presented, open to all, women and men from any background and training who carry out scientific activities in the public or private sector, in companies or universities and research institutions.
To participate in the survey
Trieste is the European capital of science 2020 and with ESOF (Euro Science Open Forum) hosts the most important European event for debate between science, research, politics, and society. From July to autumn, everyone will be able to participate in a series of events in the outdoor spaces of the city and also online thanks to digital technology: debates, scientific meetings, exhibitions, shows, science cafés with the leading figures of science, technology, and innovation.

The speakers

Francesca Cosmi
Professor of Engineering, University of Trieste. Inventor of BESTEST and Co-Founder of M2TEST.
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Lucia Gardossi
Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Trieste
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Raffaella Geometrante
General Manager of Kyma SpA and Director of Kyma tehnologija doo
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Anna Gregorio
Associate Professor, Department of Physics - University of Trieste
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Alessandra Nicolosi
Co-founder and CEO of M2TEST
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Sabina Passamonti
Biochemistry, Head of Molecular Nutrition Research Group, University of Trieste - Member of EFSA
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Paola Rodari
Programme Manager, Science in the City Festival Trieste 2020
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Chiara Volpato
Full Professor of Social Psychology at the Department of Psychology of the University of Milan-Bicocca.
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