Lucia Gardossi

Lucia Gardossi

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Trieste

Participate in:

Biotech: the path towards a sustainable future
Women for biotech, biotech for the future
Women in Science for ESOF 2020

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Trieste

1988: Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Trieste

1989-1991: Research associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT – USA).

1993: PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

1993-1995: Polybios-Research Center for Polymeric Products from Renewable Sources Science Park - Trieste. Research and development laboratory. Chemistry of carbohydrates and biocatalysis.

Research in the field of biocatalysis (enzymes applied to chemical processes).

1995-2205: researcher at the University of Trieste

Since 2005: associate professor of organic chemistry at the University of Trieste. Qualified as a full professor.

Since 2005: member of the scientific council of the European session on applied biocatalysis of the European Federation of Biotechnology.

2007: co-founder of the university spin-off SPRIN SpA, together with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

2009: Consultant for ICS-UNIDO: Research, training, and educational activities within the program "Next generation bio-fuels and bio-based chemicals".

2009-2012: Scientific coordinator of the EU-Russia bilateral project funded by the European Commission "IRENE" (In silico Rational Engineering of Novel Enzymes). 11 partners, budget of 4 million Euros.

2013-2016: European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation: Vice chair of the "Advisory group" for the implementation of Horizon 2020, specifically for Societal Challenge 2 (food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime research, inland water research, and bioeconomy).

Since 2017: member of the Board of Directors of the Italian National Technological Cluster for Green Chemistry SPRING and coordinator of the technical-scientific committee.

Since 2019: Member of the Italian National Coordination Group for the Bioeconomy of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Author of more than 100 publications in indexed international journals and 4 patents.

Research interests:

  • Bioeconomy and technologies for sustainable development
  • Green chemistry and the use of enzymes in industrial processes
  • valorization of biomass and agricultural waste for the production of sustainable and renewable materials. Renewable and biodegradable polymers.
  • Industrial biotechnologies
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