Raffaella Geometrante

Raffaella Geometrante

General Manager of Kyma SpA and Director of Kyma tehnologija doo

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Raffaella Geometrante is the General Manager of Kyma SpA and Director of Kyma tehnologija doo, companies that deal with the production of devices with permanent magnets (undulators, wigglers, etc.) to be integrated into synchrotron light sources and Free Electron Lasers.

Originally from Trieste, with a background in mechanical engineering, after obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Trieste, she won a scholarship for specialization that led her to carry out research activities at the Materials Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University, USA.

Back in Italy, she becomes a Doctor of Research in Engineering and Materials Science and teaches at the Faculty of Architecture in Trieste.

The construction project of the FERMI laser in Trieste has started, joining the team of engineers and physicists who will be responsible for building the new accelerator.

In 2012, he joined Kyma SpA as a Project Manager and since 2016 he has taken over its direction.

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