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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Premio Internazionale Tecnovisionarie® 2020"

International Technovisionary® Award 2020

19 October 2020
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Premio Internazionale Tecnovisionarie® 2020"
Economia circolare: definizione, importanza e vantaggi

Promoted by Women&Tech - Women and Technology Association, the International Technovisionary Award ® It is awarded every year to women who, in their professional activities, have demonstrated to possess vision, prioritizing social impact, transparency in behavior, and ethics.

They are the "Technovisionaries" in the field of research, academia, business, public administration, and media.

Now in its 14th edition, with the theme "Interpreting the circular economy through innovation".

We know that the future will depend on how much we can do in terms of scientific research and innovation to drive new processes that do more with less, developing a global economy that respects climatic situations in creating a better world through technology and inspiring people in their behaviors.

That is why it is crucial to reflect on the circular economy in its various stages: procurement, design, production, distribution, use, collection, recycling.

The key to the development of each phase is innovation as the ability to carefully observe the world around oneself to gather original stimuli on new ways of doing things, consumers, products, services, and processes. But also the ability to interact with people from heterogeneous worlds compared to one's own to trigger new ideas or the ability to constantly experiment with products or processes, to see how they work and to find solutions in order to improve them. It is the ability to connect information or ideas that may seem irrelevant or disconnected from each other to combine them in original ways that spark innovation.

More and more, sustainability on the fronts of energy and climate, raw materials, health and safety, water, education, and development must be considered a team sport and approached with a holistic mindset.

The path is already laid out and the women that the Association will reward are the examples to share and to make known their innovative value.

The award boasts a Jury composed of qualified representatives from the thematic areas of the different competition categories, from the world of culture and communication.

The award ceremony, by invitation only, will see the participation of decision-makers from the business, university, public administration, and personalities from the scientific, cultural, and media world.

Revelations of talent, ingenuity, brilliance, intelligence, creativity,
flair, imagination, fantasy, intuition, inspiration, inventiveness, positivity.

It is women who invent the future. .

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