Someone might say that I am a cook "borrowed" to entrepreneurship, summarizing in one sentence my two great passions: preparing a good dish to enjoy it with the people I love and observing a business project taking shape over time.

Degree in Business Economics, I understood very early on that women like Marisa Bellisario or Federica Olivares were a great source of inspiration for me, but it took me a few years to understand that being a manager of a large company was only part of what I desired: I dreamed that the company was mine because I was convinced that only in this way could I have access to the "bigger picture", contributing to defining its contours. At 35, thanks to an LBO operation, I became a partner and then President of one of the leading companies at the national level in the water treatment sector. It was the project I dedicated myself to for almost 15 years and that I decided to hand over only when I realized that the time had come for a new adventure.

I have to admit that many years ago, I didn't choose to deal with environmental issues, it simply happened. Today, however, I am fully aware of the importance that environmental protection has for all of us, and that is why I have chosen to continue to take care of it.

Currently, I am the CEO of Iride Acque Srl, a company that has developed and patented a nanotechnology for the purification of industrial effluents. Our goal is to offer, through our products, concrete solutions to the demands coming from the productive world, and in doing so, we have tried to implement the concept of circular economy, both by using raw materials obtained from waste material and by guaranteeing our customers the greatest possible water reuse.

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