Radio journalist, Radio 24 / Il Sole 24 Ore

Born in Ancona in June 1969. Her journalistic career began very early - interrupting her university studies - towards the end of the 1980s. Her apprenticeship - challenging and exciting - took place entirely in the world of private television stations in the Marche region: her school was Tvrs in Recanati (the city of Giacomo Leopardi) and Radio Cuore. 7 intense years that made her ready to move to Milan in 1997. Until 2001 she worked first as a production delegate and then as author and host of programs for Mediolanum Comunicazione, where she learned about the secrets of financial markets and the world of investments. After the experience, from 2001, as the face and editor of the main programs of 24Ore Tv - where she was called by Massimo Donelli - in 2004 she arrived at Radio 24 - wanted by Elia Zamboni - to host the program "Salvadanaio", the column "Soldi e dintorni" and stock market updates. She became a professional journalist in February 2003. Currently she hosts the daily entertainment show "Cuore e Denari", on air from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm together with Nicoletta Carbone, where the themes of personal and family money management merge with health issues and lifestyle management. She collaborates regularly with Il Sole 24 Ore on financial education topics, savings and investment choices for families, market trends and financial advice. A very active moderator of conferences and round tables. She is the author of the book "Donne di denari - Le strategie vincenti per gestire i tuo soldi" published by De Agostini. She has a peaceful and fulfilling life. Lots of work and in her free time she goes to the gym or tries to see her friends for whom she always has too little time. She would like to travel much more: the daily commitment to a national radio station does not allow her to fulfill this desire. Her only regret: she lives far from her three beloved grandchildren, who hopefully reciprocate the love. The dream in the drawer: to be able to afford a couple of years off work to spend in the United States.

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