Creativity and innovation are two elements that define who I am. After a long managerial experience in creating and managing high-level events, the desire to experiment with new communication languages and innovative formats has pushed me towards a new professional adventure in the field of corporate event consulting. Creating a successful event means putting people first, creating synergies, and showcasing the talents of those who work behind the scenes.  

Teamwork is important to broaden the vision and build events that can interpret reality in 360 degrees and intercept the needs of those who experience them. I am fascinated by new technologies and immersive events, which through digital means can create new and engaging experiences. I enjoy taking care of clients and providing my "guests" with unique moments.

My passion for my work always drives me further, leading me to believe that it is always possible to throw my heart over the obstacle to experience new territories and bring interesting projects to life. Networking is the style that has always distinguished me as a professional, creating valuable connections is the goal I set for every new activity I undertake: only in this way is it possible to generate new skills, enhance the potential of the people who collaborate in events, and network. I love my work because it is pure passion!

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