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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Tram dell'Innovazione 2023 nel metaverso"

Innovation Tram 2023 in the metaverse

06 October 2023
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Tram dell'Innovazione 2023 nel metaverso"

Enter the Metaverse of the Innovation Tram

Virtual environments are destined to become more and more part of our daily lives, with 25% of people expected to spend at least an hour a day in them by 2026 according to Gartner. On the occasion of Milan Digital Week 2023, The Tram of Innovation, organized by Women&Tech ® ETS - Association of Women and Technologies in collaboration with ABB, Banca Generali, Carrefour Italia, Cisco, Fastweb, Intel, Kelly Italia, Nexi, SAP, Siemens, TeamSystem, and with the technical support of DKTS, evolves and comes to life in the Metaverse on the world's leading platform The Nemesis.

"Mobile location" where citizens can, free of charge, listen to the experiences and testimonies of the protagonists of the digital transformation, the project, conceived by the president of the Association, Gianna Martinengo, has reached its sixth edition. From 2018 to date, it has physically and virtually involved over 15,500 people, offering insights on future scenarios made possible by technology, as well as concrete proposals and solutions that have shown how it can help improve people's daily lives.

From October 6th to 9th, in line with the theme of Milan Digital Week, "Expanding boundaries for a digital transition and inclusive, sustainable, and ethical technological innovation", the Tram becomes a space accessible and usable by anyone, even those who cannot be physically present, offering an engaging and interactive way for a unique digital experience. The historic vintage tram of ATM and the new Tramlink recreated in the metaverse will move in a virtual space inspired by the central streets of Milan, starting and ending in Piazza della Scala. The experience remains accessible with all on-demand content until January 2024.

Participants can board using personalized avatars and interact in real time with the speakers and other users. An immersive experience that allows you to move within the virtual environment, explore different areas, and actively participate in the proposed activities, also attending speeches from representatives of institutions, companies, schools, universities, and research.

The focus of the interventions is on emerging digital technologies (AI, Web 3.0, Metaverse, and Robotics, Cybersecurity) and their impact and intersection with biotechnologies, new materials, energy, and the environment. Particular attention has been paid to accessibility, ethics, and sustainability.

“Since the first edition in 2018, new technologies and their impact on all aspects of our society and daily life have evolved more rapidly than we could have ever imagined. In this context, we believe it is important to maintain a constant dialogue with citizens to ensure that innovation does not leave anyone behind and at the same time to offer, but also capture, new ideas.” Stated Gianna Martinengo, founder and president of Women&Tech ETS, who added: “The Innovation Tram offers all people an experience that combines tradition - the tram - with innovation, represented by the future 'technological' that awaits citizens, as well as businesses, the research and education sector, and institutions”.

The experience is accessible from both iOS and Android smartphones, as well as through the browser by clicking on the button directly from this page.

If you experience connection difficulties, you can connect to and click on the support icon in the bottom right corner to receive personalized assistance. Minimum system requirements: Computer / Mobile.

Enter the Metaverse of the Innovation Tram

The speakers

Stefano A. Cerri
Vice President R&D Didael KTS Distinguished Fellow; Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy Emeritus Professor of Informatics; LIRMM; University of Montpellier, …
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Eliana Baruffi
Country Communications Manager, ABB Italy Communications Manager, Electrification Business Area, ABB Italy
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Clara Bez
Direttore HR - Kelly Italia (Gruppo GI Holding)
Visit the speaker's page
Giuseppe Biffi
Digital Enterprise Manager - Siemens Italy
Visit the speaker's page
Elsa Catalano
Group Data Protection Officer (DPO) at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Group
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Alice Crippa
Ingegnere di consulenza per la sicurezza, Cisco
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Claudio Farina
Executive Vice President Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability - SNAM
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Roberto Fraccapani
Head of Presales, SAP Italy
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Alessandra Grendele
Director of E-Commerce, Marketing, Data, and Digital Transformation, Carrefour Italy
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Donatella Isaia
Group Chief People and Culture Officer - TeamSystem Group
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Laura Liguori
Vice President of Women&Tech® and Partner at Portolano Cavallo
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Elisa Masetti
SAP Presales Specialist, Data & Analytics, SAP Italy
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Giuseppe Massa
National Cybersecurity Advisor, Cisco
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Agostino Melillo
Country Communications Manager, Intel
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Francesco Mondora
Impact & ESG Officer - TeamSystem
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Sara Noggler
CEO of Polyhedra
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Discover the full event schedule, session times, topics, and keynote speakers.

10:00 - 10:45
The Digital Transformation of Carrefour: From Retailer to Digital Retail Company by 2026 - CARREFOUR ITALIA
Guests/Speakers: Alessandra Grendele

Carrefour Italia's digital transformation strategy is based on a deep transformation process at the Group level, initiated in 2018, which has its roots in the ambition to become a Digital Retail Company by 2026. Our strategy is based on three important pillars: omnichannel, technology serving the business, and data as the foundation of the decision-making and strategic process. These assets are united by an important element: the cloud, a prerequisite and technological enabler to achieve business goals. The transition to the cloud has opened new opportunities for Carrefour, allowing to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and foster innovation. Digitalization involves all company processes, embracing both employee experience and customer experience, making simplification and mobile the pivot of its transformation. This transformation is not limited to technology but involves all aspects of the company, aiming to create a more modern, efficient, and customer-oriented organization and contributing to create a more agile business environment, able to adapt to changing consumer needs, offering increasingly personalized services and products.

11:30 - 13:00
Roundtable: The challenges of Artificial Intelligence between creativity, privacy, and security

In the context of the unstoppable evolution of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) represents a crucial element. This panel aims to explore the issues related to the opportunities and risks associated with the use of AI, with a keen eye on existing (and future) legislation on intellectual property, privacy, and cybersecurity. AI offers extraordinary prospects for creating personalized experiences, automated decisions, and engaging interactions. However, it also poses a challenge for the protection of intellectual property rights, as the automatic generation of content raises questions about ownership and management of copyright. The issue of privacy becomes equally relevant, as feeding AI applications requires massive collection of personal data and their use for training and monitoring the applications themselves. How to reconcile innovation with the protection of individual privacy? What are the responsibilities of companies and the rights of individuals? Furthermore, the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence in all industrial sectors introduces new challenges in terms of cybersecurity. AI could be used both to protect and to violate digital security. How to prevent emerging threats and ensure the security of users? This panel brings together legal and technical experts to discuss the opportunities and risks of AI, in light of existing legislation and that in the process of approval at the European level, proposing a critical and innovative analysis to consciously address the challenges related to its use.

14:00 - 14:45
Artificial Intelligence, Everywhere - INTEL
Guests/Speakers: Agostino Melillo

Artificial intelligence represents a generational turning point that will generate a new era of global development in which computer science will become increasingly important; it is essential that this development takes place ethically and responsibly: technological progress becomes innovation when it brings benefits to the community, improves the lives of all people. Artificial intelligence accelerates digitalization. There are also other elements that amplify the scope of this revolution: we recognize the 5 main ones, which we call the "superpowers of the digital world". The world is becoming increasingly digital in all aspects and areas of human activity, and everything that is digital is based on chips, so it is not surprising that their role will become increasingly strategic for the global economy in the next few decades.

15:15 - 16:00
Cybersecurity | feminine noun - CISCO
Guests/Speakers: Alice Crippa

Gender equality is a very current topic in the information technology sector and particularly in the field of cybersecurity. The threat landscape is becoming increasingly dynamic, and malicious actors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. It is essential to have diverse perspectives to address the issue and improve our chances of success against cybercriminals. In this context, women can make a significant contribution to the fight against cybercrime. These are some of the topics that Alice Crippa, Security Consulting Engineer at Cisco, will address during the interview.

16:30 - 17:15
Digital For Good: the power of digital for a positive impact - TEAMSYSTEM

How can Digital have a positive impact on the world? How much can tech companies contribute every day through conscious choices to create a better future? In an era where digitalization penetrates every aspect of our lives, the issue of how to channel this power for the common good emerges as an imperative.

With this session, through the experience of TeamSystem and a story told in multiple voices and perspectives, we explore together how rapid changes in the digital landscape can be approached with intention to maximize the common good, connecting individuals, businesses, and communities in a cooperative ecosystem. And how business, product, and people can be a vehicle for transformation, every day, to maximize the intrinsic power of the digital and ethically direct it towards a significant and positive impact that is an integral part of the ESG impact and governance strategy.

17:45 - 18:30
Future Technologies: Blockchain - FASTWEB
Guests/Speakers: Mark Perna

There are not many technologies that can be considered "disruptive", capable of radically changing the way some activities are carried out or designing services and applications that were previously unthinkable. Among this limited plethora of innovations, Blockchain enters fully into this right, that is the computer system that represents the basis of the "Internet of Value", Internet of value.

18:45 - 19:30
Female excellences in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI), emerged in the '40s, intertwines with Computer Science and Cognitive Sciences, serving as a cornerstone of modern Computer Science. This discipline, which requires an eclectic expertise ranging from mathematics to sociology, has been significantly shaped by eminent female figures, whose testimonies have enlightened and enriched the field. Women have brought an innovative vision to AI, a field that was once considered marginal, challenging conventions and contributing to the growth and recognition of this discipline. Their commitment has highlighted the broad social impact of AI, which encompasses sectors such as economy and medicine and intersects with social concepts and processes. Female figures have emphasized the importance of transparency and ethics in AI, reminding us of the need to understand the decision-making processes of AI systems and address associated risks with responsibility and integrity. In summary, the testimonies of women in AI highlight the crucial importance of vision, social impact, transparency, and ethics, contributing to guiding the development of AI towards a conscious and sustainable future. Testimonies of:

  • Viviana Acquaviva, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at CUNY NYC College of Technology and at the Graduate Center of CUNY.
  • Luigia Carlucci Aiello, Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti at Sapienza University of Rome.
  • Isabella Castiglioni, Full Professor at the University of Bicocca - Founder of DeepTrace Technologies
  • Tiziana Catarci, Full Professor of Information Processing Systems, Director of the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti at Sapienza University of Rome
  • Cristina Conati, Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia - Vancouver, Canada
  • Luisella Giani, Europe and Middle East Head of Digital Enterprise Advisory (DEA) - Avanade
  • Fosca Giannotti, Director of Research, Institute of Information Science and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy (ISTI-CNR)
  • Michela Milano, Full Professor at the University of Bologna and Director of the Interdepartmental Center on Human-Centered AI.
  • Francesca Rossi, IBM fellow and AI Ethics Global Leader - IBM Research, USA
  • Alessandra Sciutti, Head of the CONTACT Unit - Cognitive Architectures for Collaborative Technologies, Italian Institute of Technology - IIT.

09:15 - 10:00
Digital payments: an innovative experience for Citizens and for the evolution of Public Administration - NEXI
Guests/Speakers: Laura Torini

In recent years in Italy, there has been a strong acceleration of digital payments, partly as a 'positive legacy' of the pandemic period.

This evolution has also impacted the Public sector, which leveraging the now consolidated payment system PagoPA, has seen renewed, facilitated and sped up the payment interaction with the citizen.

We will see a quick overview of some of the most common payment experiences towards the PA, from paying taxes like Tari, to school lunches, healthcare tickets, and tram tickets, to reflect on how daily life has changed and how much more it could change.

10:30 - 11:15
AI at the service of people (not vice versa) - SAP

New and disruptive technologies, while generating extraordinary opportunities for the economy, businesses, and people, always spark great debates on ethical and moral issues and their influence on society and culture. But what survives the first cycle of ideation and experimentation is based on how well the new technology is applied. In other words, new technology creates excitement, but it is only when correctly applied that it is able to revolutionize. This is what is happening with Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of the most important technologies today and in the near future. In the talk, SAP experts will explain what Generative Artificial Intelligence is, how it is increasingly entering people's lives, and the benefits and potential risks associated with it.

11:45 - 12:30
Workers' opinion on automation and AI - KELLY ITALY
Guests/Speakers: Clara Bez Cristian Sala

The use of automated technology and artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding, transforming workplaces and roles in every sector. But what do workers really think about the proliferation of these tools? Is there a genuine concern about the possibility of robots replacing them? How can automation and AI be leveraged responsibly?

We explored this theme with our recent survey Kelly Global Re:work Report 2023, through which we listened to the opinions and experiences of 4,200 workers and 1,500 executives globally, revealing how people truly feel about their work and identifying the differences between the leadership's perspective and that of the workforce.

Let's talk about it together.

13:30 - 14:15
Technology transforms industrial contexts and stimulates the evolution of legislative interventions.

Interview with Claudio Farina, Chief Strategy & Technology Officer - SNAM, and Laura Liguori, Partner - Portolano Cavallo and Vice President of Women&Tech® ETS.

Moderated by Sara Noggler, CEO of Polyhedra and Web3 Strategy Advisor.

In an increasingly connected and digitized world, the industry is facing an unprecedented revolution.

With Claudio Farina and Laura Liguori, we will open a dialogue that aims to offer an in-depth analysis of the tension between the accelerated evolution of technology and the necessary adaptation of laws in a constantly changing world.

In an age where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, this interview aims to explore the extraordinary impact it has on industrial contexts, as well as on the evolution of people and laws.

The central theme is the growing gap between accelerated technological innovation and the ability of existing regulations to keep pace.

During the interview, we will examine the crucial challenges related to security, data privacy, and privacy protection in the context of the industry, highlighting how technology constantly tests existing norms.

The role of digital twins in optimizing industrial operations and opening up new perspectives for operational efficiency.

Change management is about how organizations are adapting their culture and operations to address the challenges of digital transformation.

We will try together to provide a comprehensive overview of how technology is redefining the industry and the regulatory world, offering valuable insights on how to tackle this challenge in the face of the relentless race of technological innovation.

14:45 - 15:30
Sustainability is not improvised! - ABB
Guests/Speakers: Eliana Baruffi

Deeply integrating sustainability into a long-term business strategy requires clarity of objectives, visionary thinking, and focusing the entire company population on shared values that, for ABB, are care, collaboration, curiosity, and courage. Putting skills and technology at the service of sustainability is the challenge that ABB's people face daily to create value for the communities in which they operate. Thinking about the future with an eye on the present means implementing concrete actions to inspire new generations and make them feel part of a project to which they can contribute, with their future profession.

16:00 - 16:45
The Industrial Metaverse: what is it and why should it interest me? - SIEMENS
Guests/Speakers: Giuseppe Biffi

A walk in the world of the Virtual Factory, where a series of advanced technologies creates a digital representation of complex systems such as machines, factories, and industrial plants. These virtual representations can be used to monitor, simulate, and optimize the operation of each system in real time, offering an unprecedented level of detail and precision.

17:15 - 18:00
Towards the fundamental principles of interactive AI: from stamp collecting to physics - DKTS
Guests/Speakers: Stefano A. Cerri

The presentation consists of three parts.

  1. A general premise on the scientific and technical nature of Computer Science in general and Artificial Intelligence in particular, with examples demonstrating the progressive convergence towards disciplines structured around a few general principles from which to derive many apparently diverse applications, as happens in Physics. Hence the paradox of the transition from a "collection of stamps" to Physics.
  2. A central part in which the choice of the speaker of three large precompetitive research projects - with European projects and concrete results - is argued, carried out over the years from which it can be understood that the three strands chosen to announce the conference (Adaptive and Personalized Systems, Service Science and Software Engineering, Semantic and Social Web) are actually strongly interdependent. From each of these projects, a few essential lessons useful for the future are derived.
  3. A conclusion with some personal speculation on the priorities to be adopted, in the era of surprises like ChatGPT and similar Augmented Intelligence (or Interactive Artificial Intelligence) services; fascinating and equally worrying tools. At the end, off-script but by request, a brief suggestion offered by President DKTS months ago to the EU Parliament, which is legislating on AI in Europe. This proposal can make us reflect on how to reduce fears and increase public trust, as is the case with drug legislation.
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