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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Coach-Ing - Strumenti in condivisione"

Coach-Ing - Tools for sharing

03 April 2023
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Coach-Ing - Strumenti in condivisione"

Strategies and techniques for training, based on the integration of the coaching discipline integrated with the programmatic and systemic approach of engineering, to build specific and highly qualified skills applicable in current educational, professional, and business contexts.

Introduce Laura Liguori, Vice-President of Women&Tech® ETS, addressing the theme of the value of research and choice applied to the individual in shaping their own professional future.

The integrated model "COACH_ING" will be shared as an innovative development strategy that has been experimented in companies and university education for years through interventions that guide participants through the "intricacies" of the world of work, whether they are senior professionals, junior professionals, or students.

We will analyze with Viviana Callea the experience gained through a precise method made of collected, cataloged, combined data and then used to produce solutions and tools for growth and the construction of action strategies for the individual, the first and only value of society, the environment, and the world of work.

There will be an in-depth discussion with Raffaella Geometrante and Viviana Callea who will offer different viewpoints on the applications of the model.

During the debate with the participants, the text "COACH_ING Practical Manual for Speaking as a Coach and Acting as an Engineer" will also be presented.

The event takes place in hybrid mode and is reserved for members of Women&Tech ® ETS.

The speakers

Viviana Callea
Engineer and Professional Certified Coach
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Raffaella Geometrante
General Manager of Kyma SpA and Director of Kyma tehnologija doo
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Laura Liguori
Vice President of Women&Tech® and Partner at Portolano Cavallo
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