Susanna Lopopolo

Susanna Lopopolo

PhD student in Commercial Law, University of Bari Aldo Moro

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I am a PhD student in commercial and industrial law, passionate about innovation, water sports, and good food.

In life, I am always looking for new challenges to grow and improve, without ever giving up or being discouraged. My educational journey begins with enrolling at the University of Bari in the Department of Law where I have cultivated an interest in the application of modern technologies to the world of law, delving into the study of subjects such as industrial law, intellectual property, and financial markets.

I have always been attracted to international experiences and have never shied away from comparing myself with other realities, so much so that in 2016, shortly before graduating with a thesis in competition law on private antitrust enforcement, I carried out a research stay at the University of Valencia.

Exactly one year later, my doctoral experience at the University of Bari began with a thesis on legal issues related to technology transfer licensing contracts in both the public and private sectors. This path led me to carry out an internship at an important Italian research center specialized in the development of information technology and nanotechnology, analyzing the legal and managerial aspects of the entire tech transfer process.

Last year I obtained the qualification to practice as a lawyer.

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