Meganne Christian

Meganne Christian

PhD in Engineering (Industrial Chemistry)

Participate in:

Space for women, women in space

Meganne Christian is a reserve astronaut and Head of Exploration Marketing at the UK Space Agency (UKSA). In November 2022, she joined the reserve astronaut team at the European Space Agency (ESA), being part of a class of 17 candidates selected from over 22,500 applicants across Europe. 

She obtained a degree in engineering and a PhD in industrial chemistry from the University of New South Wales. From 2014 to 2023, she was a researcher in materials science at the National Research Council (CNR) and participated in two parabolic flight campaigns to test graphene coatings for satellite thermal management.

She has also carried out two missions, including a winter-over, at the Concordia base in Antarctica, where she was the lead researcher for atmospheric physics and meteorology.

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