I am Martina, 23 years old, a student in Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication (Gaming Area) at Link Campus University in Rome. 

In parallel, I am taking a course as a 3D artist & concept artist. I graduated from the Liceo delle scienze umane in 2016. After graduation, I decided to attend the Faculty of Law, but soon realized that it was not my path. After my gap year spent working in a small shop near home, I made the decision to resume my studies. This time, however, I combined my passion for video games with my innate desire to "create dreams", because for me creating a video game is creating a world where people can dream. Through university, I learned to use software that I never imagined using, discovering what my true path really was.

Currently, I am involved in three projects, and in all of them I take care of the artistic side: concept art and illustrations. In addition to my passion for video games, I have always been drawing. The teachers at kindergarten used to say that I was born with a pencil in my hand, at least that's what my mother says. My passion for drawing was passed down to me by my father, but also my passion for combat sports.

I have been a black belt in Karate since I was 15 years old. My dream is to become an Art Director for a famous video game company, and I will put all my effort into achieving this goal.

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