Germana Remigi

Germana Remigi

Electrical engineer, Innovative platform services, RAI


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Electrical engineer, I have worked in environments where male representation was predominant and I have been able to firsthand experience the difficulties that a woman may encounter in asserting herself professionally when being female is often a disadvantage and a source of discrimination.

I strongly wanted to try to change things rather than just passively accept them, and for this reason I have always been committed in various ways to support and promote women's right to equal dignity and opportunities to assert themselves, in life and in work. I have been a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission of Rai Way and since 2018 I have been working at Rai in the CTO area, where I deal with innovative platform services.  

I have been collaborating since 2015 with the non-profit organization AFLIN ( ), which supports projects for women in India against the tragic scourge of child brides, focusing in particular on their education for a future that sees them as aware protagonists of their lives. I believe in education in respect and kindness as the main driver of societal change and I practice with my daughter, to whom I try to instill a love for books and science.

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