Fiorina Facchinetti Berti

Fiorina Facchinetti Berti

Founder and President of Faber System


Fiorina Facchinetti Berti is from Milan, married, has two children who work in the company, and is a grandmother of three grandchildren.

Her professional history has been very challenging, a lot of work but it has resulted in many satisfactions.

He began his career in the sales office of a toy company, subsequently holding roles of responsibility in multinational companies where he gained experience in business management.

For seven years, she leaves her job to take care of her children.

Resumes professional journey as an Account Manager in a telecommunications company.

Thanks to her innate creativity and vision for the future, in 1983 she founded Faber System to offer on the market a system of innovative technology, unique in its kind and of great utility for large companies, on this occasion she also began collaboration with "Poste Italiane".

The Digital Service: client companies require an evolution of their services towards digital Document Management solutions. In 2005, the proprietary platform WAM was created, providing Full Outsourcing services for electronic archiving, digital preservation, multichannel delivery, and electronic invoicing.

Faber System today has 11,000 customers, including numerous large companies.

Experiences, previous positions:

  • Vice President Selca S.p.a.
  • CEO Faber Net
  • Board Member - Teleware S.r.l.
  • Member of the board of directors of Assolombarda Innovative Services
  • Member of the Committee for Innovative and Technological Services of Confindustria
  • Member of the technical committee of Confidi Province Lombarde
  • Member of the technical committee of Assintel "Working Group Women Entrepreneurs"
  • Member of the C.I.F - Committee for the Promotion of Female Entrepreneurship

The acknowledgements:

  • Year 2005 Awarding of the "Milano Produttiva" prize for female entrepreneurship Chamber of Commerce of Milan.
  • Year 2008 Award presentation for the "Women & Technologies" Technovisionary Award for the Innovation in Enterprises and Institutions session.
  • Year 2009 Award conferred by Confindustria Servizi Innovativi "Best Practices for Innovation - Project "WAM NATURE"
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