Professional journalist since 2005, he soon leaves the editorial life to dedicate himself to freelance work, allowing him to work and collaborate not only with publishers, but also with national and international communication agencies and companies.

It deals with everything that is written text, from articles, to web content, to corporate documents-contributions.

  • It specializes in writing case histories for large companies.
  • He writes books for children and teenagers for two Italian publishing houses.
  • Writes books (under someone else's name) as a ghostwriter.

In recent years, it has expanded its range of activities to include speeches, event presentations, moderations, conventions, and workshops.

Currently collaborates with 7 national newspapers, 5 communication agencies, 6 companies. In 2018, he wrote 9 children's books, 2 volumes for third-party clients; conducted 200 interviews.

She is married to an advertising photographer, she lives on Lake Garda.

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