Milanese, begins his professional career in a food company dealing with the promotion of Italian excellence at the European Institutions and develops community training and development projects. In the late 1980s he joins 3M at the Italian headquarters of the American corporation that makes differentiated technological innovation the key to its success, follows a diversified development first in two business areas, Health and Office, and then pursues a path in human resources as a trainer, recruiter, management and development.

In the communication sector, skills are developed in the various aspects of this area: from corporate communication to product communication, to setting up the company's integrated communication, to communication for employees. In collaboration with international communities, it works on CSR activities and is responsible for the sustainability function and Community Relations for the South East Europe Region.

Brand Manager, Corporate Communication and Sustainability for many years, among the main projects we can mention: participation in Expo Milan, the 3Mgives volunteer program, research on the perception of Science, the 3M Home project in virtual reality, and company-wide communication programs.

Today he is Vice President and Secretary General of the 3M Foundation - Third Sector Entity - with the aim of promoting cultural and scientific activities.

She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Women&Technologies after being appointed Technovisionary, Women Sustainability Award for the Environment 2015.

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