Carla Capussela

Carla Capussela

EMEA Marketing Campaigns Leader, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group

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I have been working in the IT marketing world for over 20 years, with experience and professionalism particularly in the B2B sector in the Data Center industry. I am part of the EMEA Marketing Leadership board of Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group and bring my expertise and experience to design the Marketing strategy for the entire EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

I am responsible for managing global 360° marketing campaigns aimed at achieving business growth objectives. I collaborate with all company departments and external partners to analyze and design the best marketing campaigns, including all elements to be effective and reflect business goals. I am active in social issues, since 2014 I have been president of the cultural association "rovescio&dritto" which promotes culture and raises awareness among citizens in the area where I live on important issues, particularly gender equality.

I am very attentive to the environment and sustainable and social policies, which I try to live and promote firsthand (especially as a mother of two children), for example I am part of a solidarity purchasing group.

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