Betty Schiavoni

Betty Schiavoni

General Director, Freschi and Schiavoni Srl, President ALSEA

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Innovation in logistics makes room for women

General Director, Freschi and Schiavoni Srl
President of ALSEA (Lombardy Association of Forwarders and Hauliers)

Betty Schiavoni was born in Milan on June 3, 1962. After obtaining a diploma as an interpreter in foreign languages, she began her career in the family company Freschi & Schiavoni S.r.l., a company founded in 1962 which, after years of activity, is now a multi-service platform dedicated to transportation and logistics.

Initially covering administrative and accounting roles and then dedicating to operational processes, from international transportation activities to the management of customs and non-customs documents, attending training courses over the years for continuous professional development to always find advanced, sustainable, and innovative solutions.

A staunch supporter of how constant participation in the associative field proves to be fundamental for the deepening and comparison of sector issues, she holds the position of President of Alsea - Lombard Association of Forwarders and Hauliers - Vice President of Fedespedi, member of the Board of Directors of Fedit and the Confetra Committee.

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