Arianna Petra Fontana

Arianna Petra Fontana

Entrepreneur, Fontana Comunicazione and Team People

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Born in Treviso on 01-04-1973, graduated from a classical high school, graduated in Sociology with a focus on Communication and Mass Media from the University of Trento, has been living in Milan for over 25 years where since 2005 she is the owner of Fontana Comunicazione, an agency that supports companies and associations in identifying and implementing communication strategies suitable for achieving set goals. In 2016, together with two other entrepreneurs, she founded Team People, a company that provides hostesses and promoters whose mission also includes positioning itself as a reference point for young people, offering them concrete and theoretical tools to approach the world of work. The company indeed provides free training sessions dedicated to young people aimed at teaching sales techniques and self-marketing.

For a long time, she has been following with great passion women's issues, particularly developing projects to support female artisans in the Milanese and Lombard territory. Among the various activities promoted, several awards have been obtained from the research "Is She the Owner?" - women and men in artisanal businesses, an analysis on a sample of companies aimed at highlighting the differences that occur depending on whether the owner is a woman or a man and "Women & Friends", an exhibition of prototypes created by artisan companies designed by established designers and presented annually in preview in Milan during the Salone del Mobile.

This initiative was selected and hosted at Expo 2015. It promoted various practical activities and coaching to support SMEs in adopting new technologies. In 2018, she was awarded the Technovisionaries® Prize by the Women&Tech® association. In December 2019, she was reconfirmed for a second term as president of the Milan section of Confartigianato.

In February 2022, she was appointed as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Milan City, South West, South East, and Adda Martesana non-profit organization.

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