Arianna Censi

Arianna Censi

Mobility Councillor, Municipality of Milan

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Not just green: skills and models for a sustainable society

I was born in Milan in 1961, but I have always lived in Opera. I had a wonderful childhood in many ways, I was a student at a scientific high school and then at the University, where I studied political science and sociology. I am a librarian and I have been involved in politics since I was young.

Politics, if done seriously and consistently, is a very noble activity, because it allows you to contribute concretely to the improvement of people's lives. I experienced this while administering Locate di Triulzi, where I was Mayor for nine years, starting in 1990. In 2004, I was elected Provincial Councillor with a mandate for gender policies, and I worked to improve the condition of women, trying to reduce the huge delay that our country still experiences in the presence of women in decision-making positions. I have been a member of the Democratic Party since its foundation, first in charge of Health in Lombardy and then of Local Authorities in the province of Milan.

I believe very much in politics based on networks between Municipalities, because they are the level of Public Administration closest to citizens and better understand their needs and difficulties. I was deeply involved in the establishment of the Metropolitan City of Milan. In the mandate of 2015 - 2016, I was delegated by Mayor Pisapia to Mobility and Traffic and Human Resources of the new Institution. In the last mandate, I was delegated by Mayor Sala as Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Milan and Councilor responsible for Infrastructure maintenance, Strategic planning, Organization, Personnel, and redevelopment.

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