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T-Essere: Social, il protagonista sei tu (lo sapevi?)

T-Being: Social, the protagonist is you (did you know that?)

10 June 2019
T-Essere: Social, il protagonista sei tu (lo sapevi?)

Meeting-dialogue with Vera Gheno and Bruno Mastroianni

On June 10th, starting at 6:30 PM, the literary Happy Hour titled "Social, il protagonista sei tu (lo sapevi?)" took place at the Open More Than Books venue (Milan, Viale Monte Nero 6). The event featured sociolinguist Vera Gheno and communication philosopher Bruno Mastroianni, authors of the book "Tienilo Acceso - Posta, commenta, condividi senza spegnere il cervello" (Longanesi). The discussion was moderated by journalist Elena Giordano.

This was the second event of the project "T-being networks in the global village", which as an Association we are dedicating to families and young people and which aims to investigate how social relationships are changing thanks - or because of - technology.

We have always believed that technology brings benefits to communities and society as a whole. However, we are also aware that there are thorny issues - fake news, verbal violence in posts - that cannot be ignored.

The journalist led the two authors through the pages of their own book, to bring out the contradictions of social action; the importance of language and the use of terms; the role of new digital communicators such as bloggers and influencers; the new way of relating in physical life and online. There were also forays into the "literary" life of Gheno and Mastroianni, to make the Aperitivo truly literary.

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