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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Donne nella Scienza: da ESOF alla Notte dei Ricercatori"

Women in Science: from ESOF to Researchers' Night

27 November 2020
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Donne nella Scienza: da ESOF alla Notte dei Ricercatori"

After the talk event in Trieste at the Revoltella Museum on August 31st, "Science and Technology. The word to women protagonists", the baton of scientists and technologists from passes to the Researchers' Night.

On November 27th at 5:00 PM, we will give voice to the female world of science, research, and technology to discover how much the GenderGap still weighs in the STEM area. In the live stream on the Facebook page of Women in Science - - Professor Chiara Volpato, a social psychologist at the University of Milan Bicocca, will present and comment on the data from the Survey on the perception of gender balance in science and technology launched during ESOF 2020 (European Science Open Forum).

The commitment of Women in Science continues to enhance the contribution of women to building the future, promote female presence in science and technology, encourage young people in STEM subjects through the stories of role models, and support scientific citizenship for all.

During the live broadcast, you will be able to relive in snippets the exciting event hosted by Simona Regina and the passionate testimonies of Lucia Gardossi, University of Trieste (Tecnovisionaria 2020), Raffaella Geometrante, CEO of KYMA, Francesca Cosmi, University of Trieste, Alessandra Nicolosi, CEO of M2TEST, Sabina Passamonti, University of Trieste, Barbara Fantechi, SISSA, Anna Gregorio, Department of Physics at the University of Trieste, Chiara Volpato, University of Milan-Bicocca, Roberta Nunin, Gender Equality Advisor FVG, Sara Tonel, Councillor for Economic Activities, Theaters, ESOF 2020, Municipality of Trieste, Gianna Martinengo, Founder and President of Didael KTS, Maria Rita Fiasco, Founder and President of Gruppo Pragma, Gabriella Taddeo, Head of INSIEL Digital Academy.


Women in Science was founded in 2012 thanks to the co-financing of the Ministry of Education, University and Research from an idea by Gianna Martinengo and Laura Moschini. On the occasion of ESOF, the project expanded and enriched, thanks to the collaboration between the International Women's House of Trieste, together with the Womentech - Women&Technologies Association, in collaboration with Didael KTS, Pragma Group and Insiel SpA.

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