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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Chi dice donna dice futuro"

Whoever says woman says future

25 October 2023
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Chi dice donna dice futuro"

On October 25th, at the headquarters of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, in the Temple Hall of Vibia Sabina and Adriano, the conference "WOMEN FOR ROME 2023" will take place, with the central theme "Who says woman says future".

The conference will be structured around two main panels:

  • 1st PANEL: It will focus on gender and institutional violence, proposing reflections on fiscal and economic proposals, as well as education and training. The introduction and moderation will be curated by Simona Petrozzi, National Vice President of the Women's Tertiary Sector of Confcommercio and President of the Women's Tertiary Sector of Confcommercio Roma. During this session, several prominent speakers will participate, including Lorenzo Tagliavanti, President of the Chamber of Commerce, and Pier Andrea Chevallard, President of Confcommercio Roma.

  • 2nd PANEL: This session will focus on funding and public contributions for female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial tools 4.0. The moderation will be entrusted to Camilla Mozzetti, journalist. During the panel, interventions from important figures will be heard, such as Gianna Martinengo, President and Founder of Women&Tech® ETS, and Claudia Bugno, CEO of Futuritaly.

The event is promoted by Confcommercio Roma and organized by Confcommercio Terziario Donna. It boasts the sponsorship of the Regional Council of Lazio, the Municipality of Rome, and the Association 50&Piu.

We invite all those interested to participate in order to delve into topics of great relevance and current importance, and to engage with experts and professionals in the field.

Registrations here:

The speakers

Gianna Martinengo
Founder & CEO of Didael KTS - President of Women & Tech® ETS - Board ITTD Municipality of Milan
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