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La forza delle Donne in agricoltura: testimonianze delle eccellenze italiane

The strength of Women in agriculture: testimonials of Italian excellences

10 July 2015
La forza delle Donne in agricoltura: testimonianze delle eccellenze italiane
As part of the week dedicated to the project "The other half of the Earth", we are pleased to invite you to the conference "The strength of Women in agriculture, testimonies of Italian excellence". The initiative aims to present the achievements of Italian female farmers, between past, present, and future.

Opening Greetings

Marta Dassu Executive President of We-Women for Expo
Claudia Sorlini President of the Scientific Committee for Expo of the Municipality of Milan
Rosanna Zari Vice President National Council of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors - Communications Manager WAA for EXPO

The contribution of Italian female farmers to innovations

Maria Carmela Macrì CREA - Council for Agricultural Research and Economics Analysis
Manuela Scornaienghi

Past, present, and future. From the field to the consumer, from multifunctionality to social agriculture. Testimonials and reflections in comparison.
Moderated by: Sylvie Coyoud Journalist

The Past
Aurelia Josz, Emma Schwarz, Argentina Altobelli
Three women who have made history in Italian agriculture

The present and the future: videos and testimonies
Food, culture, and care of the territories

Lorella Ansaloni National Women Entrepreneurs Manager Coldiretti

Enhancing environmental biodiversity

Gea Turco President Women in the Field Sicily

Innovative management of agricultural enterprises

Gabriella Poli Vice President of Confagricoltura Woman



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