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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Sicurezza in città e sul luogo di lavoro"

Safety in the city and at the workplace

03 March 2022
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Sicurezza in città e sul luogo di lavoro"

Safety in the city and in the workplace

A city tailored for women

2nd appointment

The concept of security, especially in times of a pandemic like the current one, can and should be interpreted in different ways. To meet the needs of the female universe, which presents specific economic, social, professional, age, and life characteristics.

The meeting aims to discuss the safety of women in the metropolitan city, starting from the consideration that, in order to feel safe "inside," that is, in one's own private space, there must be, at the same time, forms of institutional protection "outside," in the city community.

Think, for example, of the virtuous operation of social services capable of protecting the needs of citizens in moments of particular difficulty. Add to this the safety in the world of work, in companies and in the forms of "agile" work that have recently replaced in-person work.

Safety even in well-lit cities, with public and private transportation that promote solutions for "protected mobility" for women (for example, "pink taxis" and nighttime rides on certain vehicles with supervision). Safety and protection of the environment and territory, promotion of sustainable mobility, management of green areas and bike lanes.

All aspects that, in complex realities like the current ones, make a city feel "women-friendly".

In this 2nd meeting, we will focus on the theme of street harassment, thanks to the research of Professor Chiara Volpato who has collected the testimonies of a group of young women.

The speakers

Isabella Corradini
President Themis, Social-Psychological and Criminological-Forensic Research Center. Also founder of Link&Think Research Lab.
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Ilaria Li Vigni
Criminal lawyer, journalist and writer, founder of the observatory on professional women
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Chiara Volpato
Full Professor of Social Psychology at the Department of Psychology of the University of Milan-Bicocca.
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