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Ready4future: STE[A]M in Proxima Smart City

Ready4future: STE[A]M in Proxima Smart City

07 May 2019
Ready4future: STE[A]M in Proxima Smart City

Milan Civic Aquarium
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

If I see, I understand; if I do, I learn: interactive workshop to understand the future scenario of smart cities.

This is already in English and does not need to be translated.

An scenario is not a prediction, nor a prophecy, nor a simulation - but a set of theories, data, and narration that allow us to face change.

Women&Technologies ® intends to use the model of a next-generation smart city, which can be built with the "bricks" of the cloud, creating an open and autonomous technological platform on which to develop truly innovative services.

Proxima Smart City is a city model - a kind of Lego construction, but... much more than a game! - wired and connected with sensors and open source gateways (Arduino, Raspberry PI) connected to Oracle cloud services.

In the lab, you can take part in a guided demo to follow the "steps" of a citizen of the future, represented by a little robot, who sees his day improved from going to work to coming back home, thanks to an endless series of new opportunities.

Some examples are:

  • sensors that allow for adjusting street lighting based on vehicle passage;
  • A Digital Assistant to query an application based on Machine Learning capable of indicating parking availability;
  • systems of computer vision that increase security;
  • tools to monitor environmental parameters, but also to manage waste collection more effectively;
  • applications that integrate tourist, commercial, road and transport information - all to improve the quality of life... and much more.

The uniqueness of the experience in Oracle's Proxima Smart City model lies in the fact that each service is delivered through an "autonomous" cloud platform, capable of learning, self-managing, and self-repairing thanks to the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which are pervasive here. These are technologies that may sound, and to some extent still are, "futuristic," but the experiences that the citizen of Proxima Smart City has during the demo are based on real use cases.

Laboratory: 5 sessions of an hour and a half for groups of 25 students, parents, and teachers in rotation

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