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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Ready4Future - Ricerca, Industria, Istituzioni: un’alleanza virtuosa per la risoluzione della pandemia"

Ready4Future - Research, Industry, Institutions: a virtuous alliance for solving the pandemic

07 May 2021
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Ready4Future - Ricerca, Industria, Istituzioni: un’alleanza virtuosa per la risoluzione della pandemia"


organizes the Webinar

"Research, Industry, Institutions: a virtuous alliance for resolving the pandemic"

May 7th, at 2:30 PM, Zoom platform

Milan, April 22, 2021 - In this period of great global health crisis, the need to inform and educate young people and citizens about the role of biotechnologies in the service of the pandemic is becoming increasingly stronger, a paradigmatic example of how the way of designing a new medicine has completely changed.

Scientists, industry, and institutions have joined forces to provide, in just one year, concrete hopes for the resolution of the pandemic, not only with medications but also with support tools such as diagnostic systems. The speed at which this solution has been reached does not compromise the safety and effectiveness of the medications produced, and that is why it is necessary to trust in science and public-private partnerships that have made all of this possible.

Communication, during a public health crisis, is crucial, as much as a medical intervention, in fact, public communication policies are a necessary medical intervention in a system affected by an "infodemic".

In this context, with the aim of providing clear, targeted, and effective communication, Women&Tech® organizes on May 7, starting at 2:30 PM, the webinar titled "Ricerca, Industria, Istituzioni: un’alleanza virtuosa per la risoluzione della pandemia".

During the event, topics ranging from the contribution of biotech to the development of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies to new formulative strategies based on nanotechnologies and research and development of diagnostic systems will be discussed, addressing issues related to intellectual property.

The final roundtable will focus on one of the lessons of the pandemic: effective collaboration between research entities, industry, and institutions is necessary to address the health emergency.

The webinar agenda

· Introduction

Maria Luisa Nolli, CEO of NCNBio

· Biotechnologies in the development of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies

- Loredana Bergamini, Medical Director of Janssen

· Effective formulative strategies: is the future nano?

Maria Carafa, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Legislation - Sapienza University of Rome

· The evolution of COVID-19 diagnostics from its emergence to today

Pierangelo Clerici, President of Fismelab (Federation of Scientific Laboratory Societies) and Amcli (Association of Clinical Microbiologists).

· Intellectual property, let's clarify

Paola Minghetti, Full Professor in the disciplinary group of Pharmaceutical Technology Applied at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Milan.

o   Paola Sangiovanni, Partner at Gitti And Partners Law Firm

· Roundtable: What has this alliance taught us

Maria Pia Abbracchio, Vice-Rector responsible for Research Strategies and Policies - University of Milan

Pierpaola D'Alessandro, Director General of the Frosinone Health Authority

Augusta Celada, Regional School Office Director for Lombardy

Elena Sgaravatti, President of Plantarei, Co-founder & SH, DemBiotech

Sergio Harari, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Milan

· Conclusions

Gianna Martinengo, Founder & CEO of Didael KTS - president Women&Tech® - Member INAB @STOA

The event is an integral part of the Industrial Biochemistry course, taught by Professor Maria Luisa Nolli, as part of the Master's Degree Course in Advanced Biotechnologies at the University of Pavia, coordinated by Professor Ornella Pastoris.


Founded in 2009 from an idea by Gianna Martinengo, the association Women&Tech - Women and Technology Association aims to enhance female talent in technology, innovation, and scientific research, promote projects and actions aimed at combating stereotypes and gender discrimination, contribute to guiding young people towards future professions and sustainable entrepreneurial models.

The association promotes the sharing and exchange of experiences and skills in the fields of technology, social innovation, sustainability, inclusion, human capital, skills, life science, art, culture, creativity, gender gap, and diversity.

For more information, visit the website


The project Ready4Future: the jobs of the future - New opportunities for young people (2009-2030) was conceived by the association Women&Tech to combine the two essential components of the future of Europe and our country: equality and youth. The goal is to contribute to transforming the current educational context into a new interpretation of training oriented not so much towards traditional skills and abilities but rather towards those of the future.

Video presentation of the Ready4Future project:

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The speakers

Loredana Bergamini
Medical Director at Janssen-Cilag
Visit the speaker's page
Maria Carafa
Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Legislation, Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome
Visit the speaker's page
Maria Luisa Nolli
Administrator and Co-Founder of NCNbio
Visit the speaker's page
Gianna Martinengo
Founder & CEO of Didael KTS - President of Women & Tech® ETS - Board ITTD Municipality of Milan
Visit the speaker's page
Maria Pia Abbracchio
Full Professor of Pharmacology and Vice Rector University of Milan
Visit the speaker's page
Paola Sangiovanni
Partner Law Firm Gitti And Partners
Visit the speaker's page
Elena Sgaravatti
President of Plantarei, Vice President of Assobiotec, CS of Women&Tech® ETS
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