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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Oracle Women’s Leadership"

Oracle Women’s Leadership

15 April 2020
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Oracle Women’s Leadership"

On April 15th, Oracle Italy relaunched its internal community dedicated to female leadership. It is one of the initiatives related to diversity, a theme that is very important to the company at an international level, so much so that there is also a very active LGBT+ community in various countries - including Italy - called Open.

Oracle Women’s Leadership is an international initiative aimed at giving more voice to female talents in Oracle.

Here is the mission we have set for ourselves: "Enhancing female talent in our company, through new models of leadership and behavior, to overcome and prevent gender disparities, prejudices, and stereotypes."

The Executive Sponsor of the initiative is Giovanna Sangiorgi, Senior Vice President of Oracle Digital Sales for the EMEA and JAPAC regions.

In the virtual launch, Gianna Martinengo, entrepreneur and founder of DKTS and the association "Women & Technologies," and Giorgia Ortu, psychologist, trainer, coach, and Scientific Manager of Fondazione Libellula, were invited to participate. In the lively and positive panel discussion, which was attended virtually by over 100 Oracle employees, two themes were discussed: the concept of networking, community, and female leadership. These topics were also addressed in the current situation of social distancing, to understand the impact of this condition and alternative possibilities for personal and professional growth.

The speakers

Gianna Martinengo
Founder & CEO of Didael KTS - President of Women & Tech® ETS - Board ITTD Municipality of Milan
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Giorgia Ortu La Barbera
People, Team & Organizational Development, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, Project Designer, Psychologist, Trainer, Coach. Person of Trust
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Giovanna Sangiorgi
Senior Vice President of Sales at Oracle EMEA and JAPAC
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