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Poster per l'evento intitolato "Premio Internazionale Le Tecnovisionarie® 2021"

International Award The Technovisionaries® 2021

10 June 2021
Poster per l'evento intitolato "Premio Internazionale Le Tecnovisionarie® 2021"

Artificial Intelligence, female excellences


XV edition
June 10, 2021

For the XV Edition, the International Technovisionary® Award recognizes Artificial Intelligence in female excellence

The appointment with the award ceremony of the XV International Technovisionary Award is renewed for 2021, specifically on June 10th.

The prestigious award, promoted by Women&Tech - Women and Technology Association - this year dedicated to the theme "Artificial Intelligence, female excellence" , aims to recognize the individuals who are making the greatest contributions to the development of this discipline.

As in past editions, the Prize, conceived by Gianna Martinengo, founder and current President of Women&Tech, will be awarded to women who, in their professional activities, have demonstrated to possess "vision, prioritizing social impact, transparency in behavior, and ethics".

Why look at Artificial Intelligence?

Among the many topics being strongly discussed even in times of pandemic - from sustainability to biotech, digital, circular economy - why focus on AI and the value that women can bring to this specific area of research and industrial application? Gianna Martinengo responds: "AI represents the scientific study of individual and collective intelligence through the use of computational models that can simulate it, as well as the engineering of machines capable of behaviors that anyone would classify as intelligent. Certainly, it requires, like few other disciplines, a great scientific and humanistic culture together, as well as a holistic approach: it is useless to repeat that women are naturally gifted in this and, predictably, their role has always been prominent in the challenges related to AI."

In the specific case of the International Technovisionary Award, there are special ties with AI, particularly in terms of vision, social impact, transparency, and ethics that women have been able to express at their best over the years, giving life to projects not only based on high technology, but full of a strong human and social value. These four elements will be the common thread of the selection that the Jury has made in recent months, also taking into account the indications coming from the open 'call' for nominations.

The online mode of the award ceremony is consistent with the safety that we want to ensure for people during this period, certain that the valuable contribution of the participation of decision-makers from the business, university, public administration, and personalities from the scientific, cultural, and media world qualifies the event.

All updates on the XV Edition are available on this site and it is also possible to find information on past editions of the Award here.

The Award boasts a Jury composed of qualified representatives from the thematic areas of the different competition categories, from the world of culture and communication.

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