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Presentazione di Expo Women Global Forum

Presentation of Expo Women Global Forum

05 February 2015
Presentazione di Expo Women Global Forum

Promoted by the Women and Technologies Association , with the endorsement of the Municipality of Milan, the European Union for Expo 2015, the Scientific Committee of Expo 2015, and WE - Women for Expo, the " Expo Women Global Forum " project is characterized by a strong educational and informative objective, whose main purpose is to promote a debate on Expo themes in order to provide future generations with strategic guidelines - both in general terms and in terms of gender equity as an essential prerequisite for sustainable development. Another important objective is to highlight and enhance the economic contribution of women in all productive sectors: industry, research, commerce, health, transportation, energy, agriculture, etc.

Expo Women Global Forum will be a physical and virtual agora, a schedule of absolute scientific reliability, guaranteed by the Strategic Committee and the collaboration of GFK Eurisko, which will provide unprecedented data to support the topics discussed.

The agora of Expo Women Global Forum will have a widespread nature in its physical appearance - with the epicenter outside EXPO at the National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci" and at the Civic Aquarium of Milan , and within EXPO at the Italian Pavilion and the European Pavilion - both in the physical and virtual realms. The informative scientific nature will be guaranteed by the Strategic Committee, which will provide unpublished data to support the topics discussed.

The schedule of EWGF will have a coordinated character and will consist of debates, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and edutainment events organized and managed in collaboration with the various entities that have joined the project: associations, institutions, and companies. The specific content of each initiative will be flexible for review with partners who can provide their contributions in line with the project's objectives.

The temporal duration will not be limited to the semester of Expo 2015, which will constitute the central portion, but will also involve the months before and after, in a perspective of construction, sedimentation, continuity.

The presentation event took place in the presence of 100 guests and featured speeches by:

  • Gianna Martinengo , President of Women and Technology Association
  • Andrea Cornelli, CEO of Ketchum
  • Giuseppe Minoia , President of GfK Eurisko
  • Fiorenzo Galli , General Director of the National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci"
  • Claudia Sorlini , President of the Scientific Committee for Expo 2015 of the Municipality of Milan
  • Francesca Zajczyk, Delegate of the Mayor for Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Milan
  • Bruno Marasà, Director of the Information Office of the European Parliament in Italy in Milan

At the end of the event, a buffet refreshment was held with the participation of the technical sponsor Berlucchi, a company representing the Italian excellence of Franciacorta that will be present at Expo 2015 along with the Consortium to promote one of the most well-known Italian excellences in the world.

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