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Associazione Pandolea - Progetto "Bruschetta o merendina?"

Bruschetta or snack?

23 June 2015
Associazione Pandolea - Progetto "Bruschetta o merendina?"

The Pandolea association presents the project "Bruschetta or snack?", a dissemination initiative aimed at conveying the values of healthy eating and the culture of olive oil to the younger generation. The presentation will take place on June 23, 2015 (at 3:30 PM) at the Sala delle Bandiere of the European Parliament Information Office in Italy (Via IV Novembre 149, Rome). The presentation will be introduced by Paolo De Castro, member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament.


  • Silvia Costa, Member of the European Parliament (connecting from Brussels)
  • Loriana Abbruzzetti , Pandolea Association
  • Gabriele Conte, CLIOedu
  • Eugenio Del Toma, Specialist in Food Science and Gastroenterology
  • Ersilia Troiano, President of ANDID
  • Andrea Chiaramonti , GIUNTI Publisher
  • Patrizia Galeazzo, Project Manager for the schools Pavilion Italy (connecting from Milan)
  • Mario Rusconi, Vice President ANP

Moderator: Alberto Grimelli , Teatro Naturale.

Representatives from the Ministry of Education (MIUR) and the Ministry of Health will participate in the initiative. The event will be streamed online to allow remote contributions from some speakers and to interact with participants who will follow from a distance.

Bruschetta o merendina?

Associazione Pandolea

The Pandolea Association

Why a women's olive oil association? Because a group of women came together and realized they shared experiences, realities, issues, and passions to bring to a common table. Other women soon joined them and today the association has over 40 members who share an interest in promoting the culture of extra virgin olive oil.

The founding women of this association have the characteristic of being producers themselves. And even though the association is open to all women who have a role in the world of olive oil and in the promotion of high-quality extra virgin olive oil culture, the direct connection to production is the element that characterizes it the most.

Therefore, the members of Pandolea share their knowledge, work, and experience to promote the culture of olive oil in Italy, especially among the younger generations. For example, we organize activities in primary and secondary schools (particularly for students in agricultural schools and IPSSAR) offering bread and olive oil as a healthier alternative snack compared to prepackaged ones. We also arrange visits to companies to show how extra virgin olive oil is produced. Pandolea also works closely with institutions and associations to promote a better understanding of the correct labeling procedures for PDO and PGI oils. Additionally, we organize short tours open to the public in the territory to explain to participants where the product comes from and how to choose it best.

" Our goal - says President Loriana Abbruzzetti - is to help especially young consumers train their palate to extra virgin olive oil and to recognize the differences between one product and another based on their origin characteristics. Compared to industrial products, all the same, true 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil is characterized by many different nuances and a great heritage of typicality: learning about these aspects can help consumers recognize and choose quality. ".

Why "Pandolea"

An invented word that captures in its sound the emotion of the myth of Pandora, the woman-mother-creator with the dual meaning of "she who gives everything" - this is the meaning of the Greek name - in both evil (from her jar will come the troubles for men, guilty of seizing fire), but also in good because Hope remains closed in the jar.

Pandolea, however, is not Pandora. Even though from the jar where Hope remained closed, perhaps something good can come out after all the sorrows have already been sown.

It is a fact that in the world of olive oil - perhaps even more dominated by a male imprint linked to ancient rural traditions than that of wine - being a woman can truly bring hope: the hope that sensitivity and passion prevail over mere commerce, that taste and the inclination towards tasting bring about ever better products, that being women and therefore being mothers, also leads to a greater sensitivity towards the environment, the landscape, and the respect for sustainable agriculture and production.

In short, let the values of being a woman also permeate the world of oil.

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