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Premiazione FutureCamp Europe - Biotech, ICT & Robotica

Award Ceremony FutureCamp Europe - Biotech, ICT & Robotics

09 November 2015
Premiazione FutureCamp Europe - Biotech, ICT & Robotica

On the 9th and 10th of November, as part of the schedule of events at Expo Women Global Forum (EWGF - ), the award ceremony for "FutureCamp Europe: ICT and Robotics" will take place in collaboration with Lenovo Education, Lego Education, and CampuStore.

A very warm welcome from the students, teachers, and parents of the I.C. Cardarelli-Massaua and the FAES Monforte School on the occasion of the award events of FutureCamp Europe .

The initiative, promoted by Association of Women and Technologies and an integral part of the events schedule of Expo Women Global Forum, is an interactive meeting aimed at young people, teachers, and parents interested in discovering and understanding how to enter and navigate the emerging professional sectors in Europe in the near future, organized in collaboration with the Civic Aquarium of Milan, the Communication Office of the European Parliament in Milan, Lenovo Education, Lego Education, and CampuStore.

Lenovo (world leader in PCs and also at the forefront in the smartphone and tablet markets) and Lego Education have respectively made available 25 Lenovo Thinkpad Helix (assigned to I.C. Cardarelli-Massaua) and 4 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EducationEV3 (assigned to Scuola FAES Monforte). The prizes were awarded to classes that distinguished themselves for originality and creativity in the development of designs, texts, educational paths, questions, or video interviews.

The award ceremony took place during two events organized directly in schools, dedicated and extended to all the students of the two participating schools, their teachers, and parents.

Present: Maria Luisa Nolli , President of the Women and Technology Association, Gianna Martinengo , creator of FutureCamp Europe and founder of the Women and Technology Association, Fiorenza Seghetti , Headmistress of FAES Monforte School, Aldo Domina , Head of I.C. Cardarelli-Massaua, Mirko Poggi , CEO of Lenovo Italy, Guido Terni , Education Program Manager Lenovo EMEA, Raffaella Fiz , Education Strategy Director at Media Direct.

School Contributions

I.C. Cardarelli Massaua

FAES Monforte School

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