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AREL4EXPO: Discovering the places of EXPO

05 February 2015

It is AREL's project for EXPO 2015 which aims to promote knowledge of the city of Milan and the area affected by EXPO through technical visits to objects and sites characterized by high-quality urban and architectural interventions, quickly becoming new points of reference for the territory. Associazione Real Estate Ladies #AREL4EXPO

The five visits will be of high technical and cultural level thanks to the presence of a specialized guide in the field and the direct involvement of the most important names in the Italian and international real estate world (developers, architects, urban planners, designers, investors, builders). A formula that makes each visit a unique and unrepeatable "event".

Every visit of #AREL4EXPO will be accompanied by technical and in-depth sheets, interviews with the protagonists, images and renderings prepared specifically by a team of specialists. All the material collected and produced will then be made available for consultation and download from the AREL website and from a specially developed app.

All visits, furthermore, can be followed in real time thanks to the comments and images that will be continuously posted with the hashtag #AREL4EXPO by members and guests, thus fueling and multiplying interest and debate on social media and the web.

The five technical visits will all take place in 2015, from the month of February to the month of October .

#AREL4EXPO is the winning project of the "RE Innovation Lady" award in 2014 (award promoted by AREL and Scenari Immobiliari) and is developed and coordinated by the partners Francesca Bombelli, Claudia Galassi, Tiziana Galletta, and Sabrina Suma who constitute the Scientific Committee.


Established in July 2006, AREL Associazione Real Estate Ladies was created to provide a space where female professionals and managers working in the Italian real estate sector can interact, share, and deepen their experiences to contribute to the growth of professionalism and innovation in one of Italy's historic economic sectors. Present throughout the national territory, it currently has approximately 260 members. An association focused on the development of professionals in frontline and leadership roles in the real estate market. AREL is primarily a place for dialogue. Its unique feature of bringing together all professionals involved in the real estate industry, from designers to consultants, from company executives to freelance professionals, from businesswomen to experts in credit and business valuation, makes AREL a unique observatory, a platform for the exchange and integration of skills that truly responds to all the characteristics, potential, and innovations possible within the real estate market. An association of women, because there are many female professionals involved in real estate, with excellent training, often central in decision-making and implementation processes, ready to actively engage in a path of open growth oriented towards collaboration.

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