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XI edizione Premio Le Tecnovisionarie: non solo tecnologie, ma pensiero

XI edition Technovisionary Award: not only technologies, but also thought

13 September 2017
XI edizione Premio Le Tecnovisionarie: non solo tecnologie, ma pensiero

Promoted by Women&Tech - Association of Women and Technologies, the International Technovisionary® Award is awarded annually to women who, in their professional activities, have demonstrated vision, prioritizing social impact, transparency in behavior, and ethics.

They are the "Tech Visionaries" in the field of research, innovation, business, art, and culture.

Now in its 11th edition, with the theme "Creativity and Innovation: not just technologies, but thought", the Prize boasts a Jury composed of qualified representatives from the thematic areas of the different competition categories, from the world of culture and communication.

The award ceremony, within the closing ceremony of the first International Robotics Festival in Pisa, will be conducted by a representative of the national media.

Franco Mosca

Franco Mosca

Emeritus professor at the University of Pisa

Paolo Dario

Paolo Dario

Professor and director of the BioRobotics Institute at Sant'Anna School.

Franca Melfi

Franca Melfi - President of the Jury

Director of the Multidisciplinary Robotic Surgery Center, Pisa University Hospital

Gianna Martinengo

Gianna Martinengo

Entrepreneur, founder of Women&Tech - Women and Technology Association and creator of the International Technovisionary Award. ®

Daniela Aleggiani

Daniela Aleggiani
Communication 3M Italy and Secretary General of the 3M Foundation

The award ceremony will take place on the 13th of September at the Arsenali Repubblicani in Pisa.

The evening, by invitation, will see the participation of decision-makers from the business, university, public administration, and personalities from the scientific, cultural, and media world.

The awards of the 11th edition will be assigned among the following categories:

Women Health

Destined for women, researchers, and scientists in the field of Life Sciences.

Women CEO

Destined for women who have reached the top positions in important companies, thanks to their entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

Women Media

Destined for women engaged in disseminating topics related to innovation, economy, international politics, and the enhancement of women's social contribution.

Donne Futuro

Destined for female researchers and scientists in the field of biomedical and surgical robotics.

Women Territory

Destined for women who have promoted managerial models in the research sector aimed at enhancing the territory in which they operate.

Women Innovation
Special World Award

Destined for women who, internationally, have contributed to the development of innovative technologies applied to robotics.

Special Mention

Destined for young women who have distinguished themselves in the field of educational robotics.

Special Career Achievement Award

Revelations of talent, ingenuity, genius, intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness,
flair, imagination, fantasy, intuition, inspiration, inventiveness.

It is women who invent the future.

Made with the contribution of

Fondazione Arpa


Discover the full event schedule, session times, topics, and keynote speakers.

WomenHealth Award
Guests/Speakers: Paola Ricciardi Castagnoli

Paola Ricciardi Castagnoli

Scientific Director TLS Toscana Life Science Foundation

Against the common belief of "brain drain", a scientist who has chosen to return to Italy and to accept, making available the wealth of experiences gained in years of work and success abroad, a new professional challenge: to identify the excellence of our country in the life sciences sector, implementing them by creating a system. Succeeding in building, through a new model of integrated development, a competitive and attractive scientific network at the international level.

Award Delivery:
Franca Melfi, President of the Jury, Professor of Thoracic Surgery at the University of Pisa and Director of the Multidisciplinary Robotic Surgery Center at the University Hospital of Pisa

WomenCEO Award
Guests/Speakers: Gina Giani

Gina Giani

CEO and Managing Director of Toscana Aeroporti SpA

To achieve excellence, talent is important, but not sufficient if not supported by determination, commitment, and the willingness to learn and improve. Based on this assumption, the brilliant career of the woman who now leads Toscana Aeroporti SpA has been built, reaching the top after a long journey thanks to rigorous intellectual honesty, undisputed managerial skills, and unwavering confidence in the culture of meritocracy. An example for many women.

Award presented by: Franco Mosca, Emeritus Professor at the University of Pisa

WomenInnovation Award
Guests/Speakers: Arianna Menciassi

Arianna Menciassi

Full Professor of Industrial Bioengineering and Biomedical Robotics and team leader of the Surgical Robotics & Allied Technologies area at the Institute of BioRobotics, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa (SSSA)

It is an innate passion that has driven her to embark on the path of research, among biomedical robotics, microsystems technologies, and micro-mechatronics. With a constant focus on the utility and social value of innovative systems and instrumentation projects to which she dedicates her work, she is an internationally renowned researcher considered, in her field, one of the best talents in the Tuscany Region. Award presented by: Paolo Dario, professor and director of the BioRobotics Institute at the Sant'Anna School in Pisa

WomenSustainability Award
Guests/Speakers: Giovanna Ambrosoli

Giovanna Ambrosoli

President Dr. Ambrosoli Foundation

Investing in human capital to enhance local resources from an autonomy perspective is the avant-garde and sustainable vision of humanitarian aid that this woman believes in and dedicates herself to tirelessly, coordinating the activities of the Dr. Ambrosoli Foundation. A point of reference for the Hospital and the School of Midwifery in Kalongo, in northern Uganda, the Foundation is a reality capable of ensuring both qualified healthcare assistance and the promotion of medical, technical, and managerial training in the territory. Award presented by: Daniela Aleggiani, Communication 3M Italy and Secretary General of the 3M Foundation

WomenTerritory Award
Guests/Speakers: Annalisa Bonfiglio

Annalisa Bonfiglio

Full Professor of Electronic Bioengineering at the University of Cagliari - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and President of CRS4 - Research Center, Development, Higher Studies in Sardinia

At the helm of one of the Italian centers of excellence in the field of scientific research and development, thanks to her commitment to strengthening the research sector and implementing technology transfer, both locally and nationally and internationally, she has provided and continues to provide an undeniable contribution to the development of the Sardinia region, also in terms of recognition and attractiveness for large companies. Award presented by: Gianna Martinengo, entrepreneur, founder of Women&Tech - Women and Technology Association and creator of the international award Tecnovisionarie®

Special World Prize
Guests/Speakers: Amy Kerdok

Amy Kerdok

Senior Engineering Manager for Clinical Development at Intuitive Surgical

Promoter of numerous initiatives in favor of women's empowerment in the technological sector, driven by a rare capacity for vision, she has dedicated her professional life to investigating the relationship between medicine and technology. In a continuous search for effective solutions to daily surgeons' problems, she has contributed to the development of medical-surgical devices, innovative tools for diagnostic imaging and robotic surgery, and to the definition of the role of "clinical engineer". Award presented by: Hubert Stein, Global Clinical Development Director at Intuitive Surgical Inc.

Special mention
Guests/Speakers: Valeria Cagnina

Valeria Cagnina

Maker and robotics teacher

"Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere," declared Albert Einstein. A phrase that seems tailor-made for a girl who, with enthusiasm, curiosity, dedication, and hard work, has managed to overcome the limits of her very young age and build, in the most concrete sense of the term, her own personal vision of the future, generously transmitting her insights and knowledge to her peers. Award presented by: Stefania Saccardi, councilor for health, welfare, and socio-health integration of the Tuscany Region.

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