Silvia Trasciatti

Direttore Divisione R&SD, Abiogen Pharma.


Silvia Trasciatti graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1986, then proceeded with a PhD in Biotechnology at the University of Milan, and and a PhD in Nutritional Science at the University of Firenze, Italy. She spent several years at the CNR, then joined Istituto Gentili, an Italian pharmaceutical company, where she actively participated in the development of Alendronate, a blockbuster drug for osteoporosis, eventually licenced to Merck & Co.
The later acquisition of Istituto Gentili by Merck & Co gave birth to the spin-off company Abiogen Pharma, where Dr Trasciatti started a fruitful collaboration with Universities and research institutes in the field of oncology, coordinating the development of monoclonal antibodies and somatic cell therapies, from discovery to phase II clinical trials.
As Director of the Research & Development Division in Abiogen Pharma, Dr Trasciatti is also deeply involved in licencing and business development, as well as strategic planning.
She has a broad technical experience in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology and molecular biology, as well as knowledge of GLP, GCP and International Regulations for drug approval (ICH, FDA, EMEA, OECD) and patenting.
Her main scientific fields of interest and experience are: Bone disease; wound healing; cartilage metabolism; monoclonal antibodies, biomaterials, cancer, immunotherapy, biotechnology, science of complex systems.