Maria Letizia Mascheroni

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager - Siemens

I’m an authentic people-oriented manager, with 10+ years of HR experience in international companies across diverse industries, in a complex organizations, with increasing managerial roles in different areas: Learning, Development, Recruiting, Employer Branding and Communication.
I would like to create a positive impact in the organization and in the society, offering my contribution and expanding my experties in HR, embracing Digitalization and Diversity & Inclusion approach.
With this role I would like to create a positive impact where I work and live, enhancing an inclusive work environment, building a Champion Community that can identify concrete actions to remove obstacles and unleash people's full potential.
Through the inclusion of each person, we can strengthen everyone's spirit of belonging and find opportunities not yet exploited, for the growth of all. That's why Siemens motto is #BelogingTransforms.