Intervento di Elisabetta Capezio | Women&Technologies: e-Health (Edizione 2010)

Women&Technologies: e-Health (Edizione 2010)
Intervento di Elisabetta Capezio, Licensing manager di Italfarmaco.

Orario dell'intervento: 
10:45 - 10:55
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Intervento di Elisabetta Capezio

Data intervento: 
Lunedì, 8 Novembre, 2010


Licensing Manager at Italfarmaco.

Elisabetta Capezio is currently Licensing Manager at Italfarmaco – Milan, where she is in charge of a number of in- and out-licensing projects and alliance management issues. Prior to join Italfarmaco, Elisabetta was part – as Licensing Manager - of the Business Development group of BioXell, a spin-off of Roche based in Milan and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX).