Franca Melfi

Franca Melfi

Direttrice Centro Centro multispecialistico di Chirurgia Robotica, Azienda Ospedaliero Univestitaria Pisana

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Franca Melfi presently  is Professor of Thoracic Surgery at Medical School of the University of Pisa and Chair of Robotic Multidisciplinary Centre for Surgery - Thoracic MIS and Robotic surgery at the University Hospital of Pisa.

Educated in Italy, she continued her University studies at Medical School of University of Pisa where she received her M.D. degree and completed residencies in General Thoracic Surgery. Franca  Melfi is currently involved in research projects at the University of Pisa, in cooperation with other clinical Institutions  and active author of scientific publications.

She has been mainly focusing on:

1. Lung Cancer  (specifically, Sentinel Lymph-node mapping   in lung  cancer)
2. Lung cancer in women
3. Tracheal surgery
4. Robotic surgery

Presently, she is carrying out research on the application of high-technology in surgery (Robotic Surgery), focusing on robotic surgery for the standardization of procedures and clinical application in the field of Thoracic Surgery.

In 2005 along with a group of professional women  she founded the ONG Association AIDAcp (Women Association against Lung Cancer) The intent of this Association was to share problems relative to neoplastic lung pathology in women, to disseminate information, mentor young trainees ,  transfer data within the context of programmes and social initiatives of pragmatic intervention.

Working within this Association, as Vice-President and Thoracic Surgeon, she has been carrying on the research program regarding Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) and K-Ras Mutations in Adenocarcinoma of the lung, in cooperation with the Oncological Institute of Tuscany (ITT) and other European Institutions.

Presently she is Professor of Thoracic Surgery  Residency  and  authorized European Tutor and Proctor for Robotic thoracic  procedures.

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